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Thursday, October 13, 2011

October, where have you gone??

I can hardly believe it is already the middle of the month and I feel like I have only been home for a few days. Wait, I have only been home for a few days!
I guess the question should read, "Ashleys where have you gone?" Alas, I can not blame the speed of time on October, though I'd like to!

 Here we are in Banff, Alberta for the annual Covenant Pastors/Wives conference.

 Jason looking for elk, which he found!

 Poor guy, looked for a week up in the bush for elk, came home empty handed.   Walked for an hour in Banff and spotted these two bulls and could have walked right up to them.  Such is life.

 A BIG thanks to Amma Peggy for coming up to watch the boys so we could head to Banff.  They all had a great time and we returned to find them all unscathed.  (Phew)

 Then it was off to Vegas for a weekend getaway with the women of my family. 
Well, some of them at least.  I was the only cousin who came, but I sure did have fun with my Aunts and Mom!

We stayed at the Excalibur (I wouldn't recommend it, but if you do, request Tower II for sure).  I think I'd love to stay at the Belagio!  (does that mean I need a sugar daddy?  C'mon Jason!!)

 So here's a breakdown of what happened while I was away:  I saw the Lion King play (a-mazing), ziplined, ate a lot of food, watched one stinkin' awesome football game (BOOMER), tanned by the pool, and even won $65.00!  Good times.  Did I do anything there that needs to stay there?  No, but my mom and aunt did (see picture below).

 After Vegas it was a quick flight to Paris with the ladies.  Ok, it's still Vegas, but I can pretend right??

We all took a trip on the zipline downtown Vegas.  EVEN MY MOM.  Yes, even she did it.  Ask her sometime if she enjoyed herself.....

All in all, I've had a super start to this month.  I can hardly believe that it is already the 13th.  One more trip this month to go (I blame the government of Canada for that trip) and we're home, sweet home.  Looking forward to settling in for the fall!!

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