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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Lacey Vacation

We went to Lacey, WA for our late summer vacation (to visit my parents in their new home).  We had a lot of adventure! 

 Korban learned about wearning a rally cap at his first Mariners game.  The Mariners lost to the White Sox, but we still had a great time. 

Would you believe that Korban stayed up and interested in the whole game?!?  He even managed to stay awake the whole ride home, putting him to bed around midnight!
He floats, well, sort of.

Shalem getting some quality time with Grandpa and Uncle Eric!

We went to Northwest Trex, a wildlife exhibition not too far from my parents' place.  It was so fun!  They had all the animals you could find in the northwest.

We took an open "safari" tour of all the herbivores.  This guy was behind bars, thankfully.  Just seeing that Mountain Lion made my hair stand on end!

Korban enjoying the pool.

Korban not enjoying the splash park.  Who knew a kid could make a face like that while he was supposed to be having fun?

All the boys in my life (well, most of them anyway).

Me and my momma!!

Posing in front of the captiol building!!

Olympia, WA...OLY as it is affectionately known.

Can't get enough of those big blue eyes!

Siblings (above and below)

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