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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gone Huntin'

I'm married to a hunter.  I didn't know this until 6 years in, but alas, I can not fight it any longer.  Jason has really taken to his new hobby!  The first week of September Jason took 1 week of  vacation to go camping with his buddies in the mountains.  Camping?  Yes, camping.  It is only hunting if an animal comes home in the back of the pick-up!  (I am hoping for a deer or elk sometime this season.  Meat seems to make a "hunting widow" feel better!  So, pictures of an animal will follow)

 The boys loading up borrowed quads.  What a nice way to lug all your gear...

 I wasn't there, but I'm guessing some scoping was going on here!

Beautiful mountains!  The elk are hiding somewhere up there!!

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