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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Summer Update: June's End

Now that it is August and summer is finally here (thank you for the sunshine and hot weather, finally!), I thought I'd show you what we've been up to this last little while. Here's the end of June:

Shalem trying on the headlamp. He's gonna be like his daddy when he gets big!

Korban looking a little, umm, well, 16 in this photo!

Girls' weekend in Spokane with all my Balfour Beauties! So much fun was had with Stephanie, Stephenie (notice the difference?), MaryBeth, and Jenni! We shopped and ate well, despite all the Spokane Hoopfest Crowds.

Korban's first ever ice cream truck ice cream. We ran (correction, I ran) wildly after the truck and he picked out a nice SpongeBob Squarepants popcicle. Weird choice, but he loved it.

And we ended June in Estes Park, Colorado at the Covenant Church Annual Meeting. My longest friend (well, she's not long, our relationship is), Lesley, picked us up from the Denver Airport and drove us all the way to Estes. So nice! We spent the rest of the week there with only one bad day (Korban got the flu....and unfortunate things happened in the hotel hallway).

Next up, July update!! Get ready!

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