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Thursday, August 11, 2011

July Redux

July began with the end of our AGM meeting in Estes Park.

Korban and I posing in front of the YMCA sign at the place we stayed. I tried to bust out a rendition of the Village People, but (feeling old here) my son had no idea what I was doing.

Then the boys and I hopped on a plane (well, 2 actually) and headed to Little Rock, AR to visit my dad and extended family. Korban sure did have fun with his Pop!

We celebrated Mamaw Poplin's 89th birthday!

4 Generations

Korban even got to shoot a gun for the first time. (ok, so it was a bb gun, but doesn't it look real?!?) Thanks for letting us try it cousin Bryson! (and thanks to Uncle Bryan for keeping us safe)

The one day it was below 90 degrees (only until noon) we went to the zoo. Had a great time with the cousins!


Shalem looking very sleepy in his Pop's arms. His "tell" is the ear tugging!

Back at home, we entertained ourselves in the yard with bubbles on this day. Bailey looks vicious, but she is really just attacking the bubbles!

Lots of wildlife to be found here....bears, birds, and even snakes! (ps, I caught that myself!)

Shalem is learning how to walk?!? Can it be so?? At least one of us is happy about it.

We had our first "camping" trip as a family--in our own backyard! The food and weather were great. The trying to shove 4 people in a tent, not so much. At 11, Shalem and I finally came inside...he wouldn't stop trying to crawl all over the place.

Finally, July's end brought enough heat to swim. It's about time!

Shalem, in his first real beach moment. He didn't eat the sand. I couldn't believe it. Rocks, yes, but sand, no!!

And that is July in a nutshell! August, here we come...

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