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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Baker Bash 2011

The very end of July brought about a lot of busy-ness, but also some very fun events! First, came Baker Bash 2011 at the Baker's Priest River place. It was so much fun to see cousins, new babies, and play!

Korban got to ride on his first motorized bike! He LOVED it!

The whole Baker clan, including 2 brand new babies! I was standing behind the camera acting the fool, trying to get all the kids to look.

Amma came dressed as a clown. She sure is cute. (and what lucky grandkids, to have a grandma who's a clown?!?)

Korban also got to ride on the jet ski for the first time. He also loved that! (thanks a lot Bakers, for making his wish list even longer)

Party time!

Shalem sure is enjoying himselves.

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