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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Buzz

Today has been a day...

We drove to the border, mailed some letters, had lunch, imported the Jeep, drove home in a raging storm, played, cooked dinner, ate, and got hair cuts!

Somewhere in the midst of that, we thought Korban was outside supervised and he was outside...just with another 3 year old and no adults. We found him stripped to his skivvies and chest deep in the little fountain we have on our property.

Now, on the surface it seemed a little funny...our kid, clothes strewn across the lawn, playing in the water. There is much more that this stirred up, namely safety! It all boils down to misunderstanding, but it could have been a life changing event. After disciplining Korban (he absolutely knows better) and making sure that we communicated our desires with our friend (he never plays outside alone) we hugged and hugged him. How terrifying the thought of losing my boy.

My sweet boy. Man, oh man, I love this kid (and his mohawk)!

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