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Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Circus

Last weekend we made the drive down to Spokane, primarily so Korban could go to the circus with his grandparents. They both paticipate with the Spokane Shriners, so I have a feeling this will become a yearly tradition.

Korban absolutely loved his first circus experience! He was so excited he could hardly contain himself, in fact, it was almost like he was "vibrating" for the entire first half of the show. His energy wained slightly during the second half, and by the time we left the parking lot he was asleep. Shalem didn't wait to get to the car to sleep...he missed half the show. If only he would sleep through that much noise at home!

I must admit, I had quite a few reservations about the circus. I didn't realize it, however, until the show began. I, too, entered the big tent with the excitement of a child...mesmerized by the lights, the animals, and the music. As the show began my excitement slowly fell away. I love how much Korban enjoyed it, but I couldn't help but wonder certain things. Namely, how were the animals treated? There were two large elephants, at least 6 horses, and a lot of dogs! Another thing I noticed is that all of the performers were foreign. They were either from Mexico, Argentina, or Africa. I couldn't help but wonder if they made a fair wage and were treated properly. (A lot of this curiosity of mine stems from reading the book, "Water for Elephants" last year)

So, a good experience, yes. Will I participate each year? Probably not. But, I will let Korban continue to go with his grandparents until he is old enough to make a choice for himself. And, perhaps I should do a little research on the modern day circus...just to make sure.

Korban clowning around with his Amma!

He was absolutely giddy about this big duck!


The whole family enjoying the show.

Korban and I riding on one of the elephants before the show began. He was so excited to do this!

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