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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is Korban, visiting the Vancouver Aquarium for what he thinks is the first time (all the others, he doesn't remember). Yes, Vancouver friends, we came for a visit. And I am terribly sorry that we didn't tell many of you. We drove in on Wednesday, stayed Thursday, and came home on Friday.

The purpose of the visit was to come to a funeral, but we snuck in a little light-hearted fun for the kids. Actually, even though we came for a funeral, it was a wonderful trip. The drive down was crazy (including snow, rain, wind, and even a little sun), but both kids were really well behaved for such a long drive. Just to give you an idea of how long it is, it is the same distance from Seattle to Spokane, but it literally takes twice the time because of the type of road it is!

Wednesday night we reached Vancouver just in time to go to our old church and enjoy their community supper. We used to go each week when we lived there, so it sure was nice to see some familiar faces--not to mention the free dinner! Thursday morning brought us breakfast with our good friends, coffee with another friend at our favourite spot (where we saw lots of old acquaintances), the aquarium and the funeral.

I have not been to a funeral quite like this one. Our friend was a very faithful man and I left that service feeling inspired to live a better life. Everyone that was there had such wonderful things to say of him. One man even said he had never seen him grumpy in 30 years! I don't think a single person could say that about me. What an inspiration and an encouragement he was!

So, all that is to say, I'm really sorry if you are in Vancouver and we didn't get to visit. There are many that I can think of whom I'd love to have gotten to see. Rest assured, we're coming back--and for longer next time!

Oh, I almost forgot. In the midst of all of this, our car broke down! Thank goodness Vancouver is such a pedestrian friendly place!

Korban's face, upon seeing a shark!

Doesn't Korban look thrilled in this picture? He must be thinking, "ok mom, enough with the camera already!"

Touching an anemone (or something).

The boys, watching the sea lions swim by!

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