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Saturday, March 05, 2011

My Boy's 3!

Korban getting a lift from dad so he could reach his candles. As with every youngin' there was a lot of blowing and a little spitting going on. Be careful which piece you choose!!

This year his party was animal themed, so everyone came in their best animal costume! We even had "Bubbles" the clown make an appearnce for some facepainting and balloon animals.
Korban dressed up as a giraffe, although he says a hippo is his favourite animal.

Korban's 3rd birthday has come and gone. It amazes me, as I'm sure it does all parents, how quickly the time passes. My baby is three...my baby is three...still not sure how I feel about this! As each year comes and goes, I marvel at who my little man is becoming. This last year his vocabulary has grown exponentially, he has learned to pee in the toilet, he has shown likes and dislikes, and has proven himself a little boy who really loves others (especially his new brother!). I can hardly imagine what sort of great things this next year will bring. What a joy it will be to experience even more of my little man as he continues to grow.

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