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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Boys to Men

Watching American Idol last Wednesday night has given me vision. I'm sure you"re rolling your eyes right now because you're thinking I have a new dream to audition and make the big time...well, we'll get to that later.
No, this vision has to do with my boys, my two sons. I watched a young man last week live out commitment in a most honourable way. Many of you may have seen the story: A 26 year old man told of his love of 8 years getting into a life altering car accident a mere 2 months before their wedding date. He chose love. He chose support. He chose to stay, even though he had not yet made his vows. He faithfully cares for his betrothed because he chose her.
As I watched (a big mess of tears!), I thought of many things...that every girl dreams of such love; that he may never get to live the life he dreamed of because of this choice, BUT mostly I hoped that my two sons would grow up to be that honourable. I bet many who watched scorned him for being foolish, for loving and staying when he didn,t have to.
I just hoped-hoped that he wouldn't become bitter or resentful; hoped that he would feel her deep gratitude and love in return; and hoped that by God's grace my boys could one day choose to do something so selfless, so noble, so like Christ.
Who knew AI could do all that?? (and no, i don't want to become a famous musician)

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