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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ahhhh, my boy(s)

I don't do much these days. Being a mom of two is a lot more challenging that I could have ever known. I'd love to say that I have it all together, but really, some days I'm just barely scraping by. One of the things that I have learned the most these last days are that it doesn't matter if I appear to have my life in order (ie, my house is clean, my hair washed, or my clothes changed from yesterday). I want to enjoy these boys, to take in every stinking moment, even the stinking ones! This dropping of expectations, especially those I have put on myself, is a hard lesson to learn.
I want to be a mother that remembers what it was like to hold her 3 month old baby, who takes the time to make red play-doh for her 3 year old, and who remembers how sweet it is to watch these boys love each other. If doing these things well means not vacuuming or showering, or whatever, then so be it. I doubt my kids will remember the slightly dirty floor more than they remember the fun we had (although they might remember if I stink!).
All this is to say, I'm learning. I'm doing the best I know how to be a mom. Sometimes I completely blow it. More times than I'd like to admit. But sometimes I drop all the nonsense of life and pay attention where I should. Thank God (literally) for grace, both from Him and from my sweet boys.
This whole parenting thing sure isn't easy, but I'm loving every bit of it.

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