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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

AARGH, it's Birthday time!

Korban turned 2 today. I know it is cliche to say the time has flown by and I miss my baby, BUT it is true! It seems like only a few hours ago I was holding him for the very first time.
Here are some pictures from his pirate themed birthday party and a video from dinner tonight. Enjoy these moments, they won't last for long...


Eliza said...

Happy Birthday Korban!!

(I love the "too big, too big" video earlier and am glad that he brought it back again in this video, haha!)

Mary Glaze said...

Hey Buddy...Happy Birthday...Belated. Before I knew it, it was come and gone and I missed calling you...hope you had a great 2nd Birthday....We love you...Mary, Jesse and Izze