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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This year we had a wonderful Christmas at home, followed by days of Christmas at Grandma's house. We learned a few things:

1. We got him good gifts, grandparents get him great gifts. I'm talking the difference between a basketball (good) and a real, working microphone (great-and provided by uncle). If you know Korban even a little, you'll know how exciting a microphone is.

2. Korban needs to be around people when he's sick in order to avoid a real nasty attitude. Christmas day at home was fairly miserable because he didn't feel well, but as soon as we got to our friends' home, he was happier than we could have hoped for.

3. The trunk in any car will never be big enough. I think we need a trailer or a thule or something.

4. Food, food, food...I don't know what we learned about food, but we sure did eat too much of it.

5. Even Christmas has it's heavy moments. No baby this month, friends who struggled through loss, the heaviness of what it means to wait for Jesus, getting gifts while being asked by addicts for money...and boy the list could go on. It always seems like a good dose of sobering reality comes with the good things of life.

Merry Christmas friends. We hope you learned some things this year too!!

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