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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Boy Logic

One can only assume that boy brains and girl brains work differently, until conversations such as these happen...then the assumption quickly slides into first-hand knowledge!!

I say to Jason, "Why did you hide that bow in a place where I could see it?"
Jason replies, "If you can see it, it isn't hiding, it is storing."
To which I say, "But if you got it out of the trash and put it on the top shelf of the closet without me knowing, wasn't that hiding it?"

He laughs in return.

Next, I say to Jason, "If that bow is for my present, then it must be really big!" (you should see the size of this bow...you wouldn't put it on a little box, that's for sure)
Jason, errupting in laughter responds, "You're such a girl! You think big bow, big present. I think, premade bow...less work to be done!"

The difference in our brains is phenomenal, and hysterical!!

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