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Monday, November 30, 2009


I've been in Arkansas for almost two weeks now. I wasn't sure if the trip was a good idea because I was pregnant and travelling with the H1N1 out there wasn't a good idea. Then I decided to come and, well, many of you read my last post so you know that travelling wasn't that big an issue anymore.
Next, I thought of postponing the trip because we are grieving as a family and I thought maybe I wouldn't want to be apart from Jason.
Well, here I am, writing from my Dad's office in Cabot, AR (more to come on Arkansas later) and I think two things have been especially good about this trip. First, there has been sunshine almost every day! It has not been warm all of those days, but the sun just doesn't something good for the soul. Second, I have been consumed by caring for Korban. He is (mostly) such a joy and he surely keeps me busy.
Again, thanks to so many of you who have joined me in sharing this experience. Many women who I had no idea about have shared their stories with me. It does something good for us to join together in this way.

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Anonymous said...

loving you friend...God is so good and just lean on Him when the days are hard. Healing is not linear...there will be good days and bad but just know His arms are always around us---