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Saturday, November 14, 2009

October...fast forward in reverse

Well, what can I say? I am in a new way with the blog...posting tons of pictures at once because I have very little time on the computer. Anyhow, just wanted to put up some of October for those of you who still check this out! (thanks, by the way)
Korban's first time trick-or-treating. He was absolutely the most excited I have ever seen him. He didn't even know what was happening, but he couldn't have been happier!

Enjoying the leaves!

The view from our living room.

Hey, what's my hair doing?

Banff is so beautiful!

It was the pastor's retreat and I got to come along, sans Korban! It was a great 3 days!

My first time in Alberta!

Hiking up the forest road near our house.

Jason and Korban bonding.


Korban in his mommy-made toque!


RAP said...

The view from your LIVING ROOM?!?!?! Breathtaking. What a way to get started every day.

Jess said...

I cannot believe how gorgeous it is up there. I will be seeing for myself next summer!! :)