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Saturday, October 10, 2009

September...on fast forward

Well, September came and went and I posted nothing. Here is a picture montage of what happened!!

Korban and I at Queen's bay (about 15 mins from our house)...on September 24th! What a long summer we had!

Life in the country means lots and lots of canning! (and Christmas presents)

At Kokanee creek to watch the Kokanee spawn.

Lots of tender moments (aaawww)

The water was freezing!!

Making new friends! (and learning lots from them, like the word "polkadot)

New Padraiga slippers. Man they're nice.

A visit from Gramma and Grampa.

Snow up on the mountains. This was on September 7th, but didn't last long because the sun stuck around until nearly Oct 1.

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Jess said...

Cute pics as always! It looks beautiful where you live.