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Sunday, August 23, 2009

So much change

A view from one of the church members' homes.
Korban's new favourite past time...throwing rocks in the water (a roc in the wawe, as he would say). The kid has quite an arm!

The view of the drive...Jason in the lead, me in the jeep, and Lowell driving his truck in the rear (while taking pictures--is that safe??)

Our old home (see window in bottom left)...now inhabited by our dear friends the Camerons.

Us in Ucluelet on our anniversary trip. (thanks to the grandma's babysitting Korban so we could get away)

Hi friends....a lot has changed since I last posted. I must confess the reason that I haven't posted as much is because I've become a facebook junkie. It is so easy to put pictures on there and to say what I'm doing in a short time.

But, having said that I'm commited to keeping this up for all you non-facebookers.

So...here goes an attempt to catch you all up on the last month of our lives:
Jason began a conversation with a church in Balfour, BC with a lead pastor position open. We began visiting the community and finally they voted on whether or not to hire Jason. It was a unanimous vote yes! This "yes" was a Godsend in many ways. We wanted to live close to our families, in a place that would allow us to continue in our love of everything outdoors, and a place that would be willing to mentor a young pastor. This church is all of these things.
We began to pack on July 27, celebrated our 5th anniversary that weekend, and then moved on August 11. WHEW!!

We have been here for over a week now and are nearly unpacked. Jason is loving his job. He walks out of a church building nestled by mountains and Kootney lake and sighs a big sigh of happiness. I love this place too, it truly is beautiful. It has been, up to this point, a bit lonely for me. The community is not arranged in a way that is conducive to meeting people. I am hopeful that with time and some effort we will have people we can call friends--well, at this point I'd settle for someone to call!! (haha)
Thank you all for your support and encouragement. We are thankful for friends and family during this time of transition!!


JD said...

hook a sister up with yo digets!

Anonymous said...

Tracy & Jason & Korban, too. I am so happy for all of you that God has called you to this new area. I know that He will use all of you in His ministry there. Love you all and miss you. Kristol said they were able to visit on Tuesday and had a wonderful visit. Deborah