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Monday, May 11, 2009

Earth Connection

We have been really enjoying our time outside this past week. Our garden has begun sprouting tiny green things and Korban loves to dig in his own little "garden."
This connection to the earth is making our lives better these days. As we wait in tension, trying to find a job, growing a garden is more than a literal connection to this place. I am growing not just vegetables, I'm growing our home, our hearts. We are here....for now, forever, I don't know. But these things coming up through the dirt ground me. They need me...they need me to protect them from weeds, they need me to give them water, and they need me to pick them when the time is right, so all is not wasted. I am growing relationships too...care and time yield so much more than just literal fruit.
Ahhhh...gardening. I may not be a green thumb, in fact far from it, but there is so much to be said fo this simple act of growing.

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