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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Bachelor

Ok, I confess...here before God and everyone, "I got sucked in to watching the bachelor!"

All season long I've been receiving "crap" from my lovely hubby over this show, yet last night I sat eagerly awaiting the bachelor's decision and I knew he had picked right. I watched through teary eyes as his choice for bride squealed with delight and he proclaimed his love over and over.

The "fairytale" romance came crashing down faster than it was being built. For no sooner had he proposed and announced his intentions were we, the viewing audience, watching him reneg his decision. As he sat like a coward, flip-flopping his affections, we were left flabbergasted. Surprised as we were, what came next was even more disturbing. We weren't even left with five minutes in between his removed proposal and his sucking face with woman number two. What's more, she eagerly accepted his backwards approach. What a foolish situation. He has just renounced one love becuase he simply changed his mind, so how assured can she be of his newly proclaimed intentions?

How incredibly backwards the idea of love has become. A man is allowed to date 25 women and whittle his way down to one, all the while "falling" for several of them. In the old days, when men and women dated it was exclusive, almost being seen as betrothal...the commitment of one to one other. ONE to ONE. Now I'm no expert on love, but does it not make sense that this man would have a huge conflict in remaining faithful since his love was divided to begin with? It seems like the most basic of principles to me...

So, what is all this ranting about? Well, all this to say that I am affirmed even more in my love for my husband...and am revelling in the fact that he is a safe place-I never once have doubted his undevoted love for me. I also feel even more strongly that choosing a mate (choosing and sticking with a mate) is a bigger deal than most people today care to allow it to be.

Oh yeah, I'm NEVER watching that stupid show again.

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Jess said...

I TOTALLY AGREE! I had to laugh because I was so mad that night. Bran mocked me for watching that show too. I felt like robbed me of 3 hours of my life that night. I really liked him to and what a whore. I felt SO badly for Melissa. I agree with your idea of love. I'm glad you married such a great one!