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Saturday, January 03, 2009

More Snow, More Snow!

It is still snowing in Vancouver. They keep saying that it is going to get warmer and rain, but it has either been clear or snowy. Today it has been snowing since I woke up at 6am and it is now 3pm.

Some people here in Vancouver are begging for this white stuff to go away. I can't help but hope their requests go unheeded. There is something about looking out at the flakes floating downward that makes my heart glad. We went snowshoeing yesterday and for a walk to get some coffee today...I just feel giddy when we're outside and it is so beautiful.

You know, sometimes in my life I have been opposed to the color white (yes, I know it isn't technically a color), I would even say that it agitated me. But there are times when I feel it is the most calming and serene look there is. Simplicity, conformity, freshness, calm...

On our walk home from the coffee shop. Yes, I am aware that using an umbrella while it is snowing is quite unconventional in most places. I must say, however, it is quite a common sight here in Vancouver. Whatever the case, Korban didn't like the snow in his eyes.

Snowshoeing in Lynn Canyon Park.

Korban looking like the cutest (I mean coolest) kid in the whole world.

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