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Monday, December 29, 2008

Walking Boy

I have a confession. I've been remiss in my blogging...Korban has been walking for almost a month and this is the first time I've mentioned it on the blog! So sorry all...

Here's the scoop: On his 9 month birthday (Dec 2) he took a few steps on his own, between Jason and I. We practised and practised all month long, and finally, Christmas Eve he really had it down. He was, up until that day, pretty good at walking to me or to his toys (about 4-5 steps). But, on Christmas Eve he looked up at me, turned, and walked about 20 steps away from me! (Sob, sob) It was both an exciting moment and a moment full of sadness...my little baby boy turned his back and walked away from me! "Get used to it" is the reply most people give me at this point, so unless you have sympathy, save it!
Here are some pictures of Korban on his walking adventure. The video is one of the first times we saw him walk!

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RAP said...

I have sympathy . . . this is just another way that Rooke and Korban are alike. It's fun, but oh, so tiring! I love how he balances with his hands in the air. Rooke did that too! We need to get those boys together to play again. =)