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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Down South Ya'll

Eating at my favorite restaurant, Ted's Escondido, with good friends Matt and Callie.

Korban and Callie. He's doing my favorite thing...clasping his hands together. (it doesn't sound cute, but it is!)

His first time playing with a ball. He tried to eat it.

Korban with Mimi and Pop.

I cut off his wings...

Korban and Mamaw

He looks ready to jump into action!! SuperKorban

Hanging out on Pop's lap...

His first pickle.

Korban checking out my alumni.....OBU

We took a trip down to Arkansas so Korban could meet his "Pop" and "Mimi." It was a great visit for us! Korban really seemed to enjoy sitting on his Pop's lap. We took pictures of all the fun things...

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