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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ode to the Working Mom

I never wanted to do it, but now I have and boy was it harder than I ever thought.
Getting up at 6:30 everyday...feed the baby, feed myself, say goodbye to husband, go pick up other child (not my own), feed and dress him, come home so baby can nap, say hello to husband, change baby's diaper, tutor other child while doing laundry and dishes and getting baby's lunch ready, say goodbye to husband again, leave for work at 11, work until 4 (with 10 kids who have special needs), come home and immediately feed baby, say hello to husband again, tutor other child again, cook dinner, fold laundry (yeah right), get baby's dinner ready, say goodbye to other child, feed self and husband, feed baby, go for walk to appease baby, put baby to bed, and phew...now i can do more dishes, shower, pump (yes, it is lovely), pay attention to husband, try and relax...then bed.
oh no....6:30 again???
good thing this is only lasting one week. I don't know how other mothers do it, but Here's to you!! (imagine the clinking glass)

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Jess said...

That puts it in great perspective! Were you just dead tired??