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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Aahhh, Old Friends...

One good thing that came out of our tript to Spokane (and there were many redeeming points) was that we were able to visit with a lot of our good friends. Some of the pictures are from our joint birthday party on August 2nd! (happy birthday jas)

Eating at Tomato Street with the old crew (minus a few, but plus some others!)

Korban looking drunk with Grant! (not that Grant was drunk....Korban was, from milk!)

Korban and Jody

Grant and Kristol's little girl, Atalie. She looks so scared of me! Dang it!

Jess and I

The Ashleys and the Gunns

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Jess said...

What great pics. I'm glad we were there to celebrate with you. I miss being able to see you all more often. I love that you have a blog and we can be kept up to date.