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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Korban's First Big Trip-Part 4

The last leg of our trip was to fly to Minneapolis, Minnesota for a church planters assessment. It was a trip full of firsts!
Korban's first time on a plane! He did really well. I just fed him lots and his ears didn't seem to bug him at all!

Korban's first time in a hotel. This was surely an adventure. They didn't have a crib for us the first night so Korban got to sleep in a drawer (also a first).

Korban's first time in the pool. He didn't like it! The water was just too cold for him!!
The Mall of America. We had a little extra time after the conference before our plane was due to leave so we went to the mall. There was a Bubba's there and the food was so good!!
Korban's first time in several states: He visited Washington, Idaho, Arizona, and Minnesota!! We've got a world traveler already!

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