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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Well, today was a big day in our house. We have sold Lucy. I know, some of you might be shocked because it is sudden and we haven't mentioned anything before now. On Monday, after quite a bit of discussion, we decided that she needed a home that could give her more attention and stability. We will likely be moving soon and are definitely going to be traveling some this summer and she is not the type of dog that can be babysat (because of her anxiety/neediness), nor can we afford to kennel her all the time. So, I posted some fliers and an ad on the web and this morning a young couple came from 1 1/2 hours away to pick her up.
I've cried off and on all day because it is a really hard thing for me to deal with. I am the type of person that is loyal til the very end, so choosing to give Lucy a new home has been the hardest decision...almost like I'm quitting her. I know, in my mind, that this is not the case, and that she can and will go on with out me, but it is still super hard!
The good news is that the man emailed me this evening and told me that it is going well and that Lucy seems to like her new backyard. Praise God for his email because I'm sure I wouldn't have slept well thinking she was freaking out without me.
Anyhow, life will go on...but for now it seems a little quiet around the Ashley house.
Lucy will surely be missed!


Jess said...

I'm sorry! I'm sure that was a really hard decision. I'm glad you heard from the new owners and all is going well.
Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!

Backwoods Browns said...

Oh I feel your pain! We have to give our pup back soon that we were babysitting for that past year!! :(
Glad she is happy and doing well!!

Happy 1st Mother's Day!! I hope you are enjoying Motherhood and everything is going well!!