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Monday, April 07, 2008

Lots of Daddy time!!

Jason is almost done with is final term of his masters program! Usually around this time he is scrambling madly to get the work done and I barely see him. This term, however, Jason has done a stellar job of planning ahead (thanks Korban) and we are getting to spend lots of time with him!!
Korban having his first shower!!

Jason giving his first bottle. Can you tell how excited he is?? It was awesome to watch...

Jason and Korban sharing a little modified "tummy time."


Jess said...

He looks like he's holding his head up already! He's growing up too quickly!!

Martha said...

He's growing! We almost cried when we saw him smiling....He's a happy boy and VERY blessed. Kiss him and tell him his Mimi & Pop in Arkansas love him very much!