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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Birth Class Reunion

On April 7th we had our birth class reunion. Some of you may be saying, "birth class?" Well, yes. The care that received, from the time we had our first doctor's appointment, up until last week was done through a great program (sponsored by the Canadian government) called South Community Birth Program. We had all our check-ups done by a midwife and in a group setting. We met monthly, then bimonthly with 8 other women (or couples) who were due around the same time we were. We had our check-up each visit, but then we sat in a circle and talked about pregnancy issues, watched informative videos, or listened to a professional talk about info we needed to know. It was very informative and was a great way to walk through a first pregnancy.
We had the last due date of the group and Korban did actually arrive last. He is the youngest by about 7 weeks, but he certainly is not the smallest kid in his class!!
Anyhow, here are some of the pictures from the class!!
Here are all the babies (minus one who couldn't make it)...aren't they great?

Here are the babies with moms. You should've seen the men, standing against the back wall like they were James Dean or something.

Here we are with Linda, our group leader/midwife.

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