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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just for Grandma's

-or mamaw's or mimi's or gran's or whatever you decide you want to be called (you do need to decide before he can talk you know)!

Just don't get too many ideas, ok?!?


Jess said...

He looks so much older already! I cannot believe how quickly they change. He's a good lookin kid!!

Cal said...

So, I just bought Korban his first gift...It is really cute!! I can't wait to send it!

Familie Long said...

So cute! And hey, I think you should let Korban decide what to call the grandparents. It's much more entertaining. :)

Corey thinks "Kor" is a great sounding name. :)

Martha said...

We have looked at every picture and I've chosen several to frame...especially the "Grandmas" picture! Of course your Dad gets a little misty.....his baby has a baby now. He is such a handsome boy! I can see both of you in his face. It's so obvious your little family is extremely happy, content and healthy. You are so very blessed!!
We love you guys and really can't wait to meet Korban. He HAS to be a special boy because he has such wonderful and special parents who love God, each other and love him.
Keep taking good care of our newest grandchild!
We love you,
Mimi and Pop